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A little bit about Lisen...


She grew up traveling the world, enjoying new countries and cultures with her family. Lisen was born in Sweden, grew up in Argentina and Germany. In Argentina her parents started their antique business and she was fortunate to be raised in this business learning everything from their choices and being part of this adventures.


As she was exposed and had the pleasure to be part of the antique business from childhood onwards, she developed an unique knowledge, awareness and insight about precious antiques. Business being a part her life, she started her own business young and has developed several international companies. One of them being her own jewellery business, Lisen´s Jewellery Box.

"Jewellery is an invitation into the future you truly desire to create". 

What if jewellery is alive and would like to contribute to you? Would you be willing to receive it?

It is truly magical what jewellery brings alive in people.  

Are you willing to invest in you and your future? When you choose to invest in precious things, you start building your wealth and future.

"I truly love seeing people blossom into a whole new reality, and how their beauty is being uplifted by the jewellery they choose.
It is such a great joy to find unique pieces around the world, they all tell a story. And you add to the story by your choice..."


Welcome to a precious world.

Lisen Bengtsson


Deepest gratitude to my family bringing me on an amazing journey of precious antiques and Gary Douglas (the founder of Access Consciousness) for inspiring me to create my jewellery business.


Welcome to book your person consulting session for investments in antiques and jewellery. Especially recommended

acquiring valuable items and building

your personal wealth. Personal help in purchasing high end objects directly

from auction houses or dealers.


For more information please contact

Lisen directly.

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